Black Dog

The Black Dog is Wetterstrand Instruments’ contribution to the electric world of guitars. The profile is thinner than what you would expect giving you a comfortable feel over your guitar. There are also added contours at the back so the guitar will sit nicely with you.

The neck of the Dog is also reinforced with carbon fibre bars for a thin neck and great sustain. I’ve made this guitar with several different types of bridges according to the customer’s needs, such as a Floyd Rose -style bridge. I can also add a piezo bridge that can be blended with the magnetic pickups making it a truly versatile weapon for all your electric guitar needs. Even the pickup frames are carved from wood so you won’t be looking and feeling any extra plastic.

Available in three different body types & two headstock options.
Also available with custom features.

Top: Rowan
|bODY & NECK: Black Alder
|SADDLE: Elk Bone
|Pickups: Rautia
Tuners: Gotoh / SCHALLER (slotted headstock)
|Hardware: Gotoh / SCHALLER

Price: 3.000,00 €

VAT not incl.