I have played drums since I was 11, playing guitar and singing on garage bands came little later. I also repaired guitars a little bit back then so I had guitar making in mind quite early. But before I became a luthier I had to work on construction sites, on a factory line etc. I did also learn percussions (mainly Cuban & Senegalese) and graduated as a professional musician with double bass as main instrument.

2008 the time was right for me to go for my long-time dream and get my education for lutherie. First I fell in love with work itself, then the woods and finally – when I made my first Irish Bouzouki – the sound!

It was a fantastic feeling, somewhat like a religious awakening I think.

Material. Work. Sound.


I graduated from Ikaalinen College of Arts and Crafts, Guitar Making Department in 2011 with excellent grades and a graduating scolarship from Jussi Ala-Kuha’s memorial fund.

I have studied lutherie with luthier Anssi Nuutinen, masterluthier Rauno Nieminen and masterluthier Ari-Jukka Luomaranta.

I became a full time luthier & entrepreneur in July 2012.

My philosophy for the work is:

“Be true to yourself and to your work”


Kristian Wetterstrand